Press Release: GRN MNSTR Roller Sports to Move Forward as Antik Skates

Press Release: GRN MNSTR Roller Sports to Move Forward as Antik Skates

Riedell Shoes, Inc  May 1, 2018


GRN MNSTR Roller Sports to Move Forward As Antik Skates

Riedell Shoes, Inc. announces restructure for Antik brands.

Red Wing, MN, Release: May 1, 2018: Riedell Shoes, Inc. announced today that its subsidiary company  GRN MNSTR Roller Sports, the popular roller skate brand known for such products as the AR-1 skate boot, Reckless wheels, and Gumball toe stops, has officially changed its name to Antik Skates.

“Roller skating is continuing to grow in popularity throughout the world, and with that comes evolving brand personas, the creation of innovative products and the need to focus on nurturing additional growth in the market”, says Vice President of Riedell Shoes, Scott Riegelman. “Over the past several months we’ve been hard at work determining how to best carry Antik Skates into the future.”

Antik Skates will move forward with this comprehensive approach to the future of the company:

Branding: GRN MNSTR Roller Sports will formally be re-branded Antik Skates. This re-brand will signify from the top-down our new direction moving forward. It also reflects the significance of the Antik brand amongst skaters. The Gumball toe stop brand, Reckless wheel brand and Moto bearing brand will all reside under the umbrella of the Antik parent brand.

Personnel: In addition to our in-house staff, Joshua Pfenning, who oversees Riedell’s Radar and Sonar wheel lines, will be heavily involved in the resurgence of the Antik brands. Joshua brings with him a keen mind for branding strategy and marketing, a sharp eye for design, and a relentless enthusiasm for innovative product development.

Products: New product development concepts and projects are currently underway for the Antik brands, with a concentrated and continual focus on innovation and skater needs. Customers should expect timely and detailed communication on these projects as they draw nearer to completion.

“The pieces are now in place to really make the Antik brand special,” says Riegelman. “All of us at Riedell are energized and eagerly look forward to the road ahead for Antik Skates”

About Antik Skates: Anitk Skates is a skate company whose total focus is to produce fresh ideas and innovative product design to the roller-skating market, specifically roller derby and ramp skating. They produce some of the best roller products known in roller derby including Antik Skate Boots®, Reckless Wheels™, GumBall® Toe Stops, and Moto Bearings™.

About Riedell Shoes, Inc: For 70 years, Riedell has been the leading innovator in the roller skating market. Riedell offers the finest skating boots available and has introduced complete packages with top-quality components featuring Radar Wheels™, PowerDyne™ plates, and KwiK™ bearings.

Contact: Scott Riegelman
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