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Women's Roller Skates

Women's Roller Skates

To unlock your full potential as a roller skater, you’ll need the best equipment on the market. That means selecting a pair of skates that optimize your speed, control, comfort, and overall performance. But with an endless selection of adult roller skates to choose from, it’s incredibly challenging to pin down exactly which products mesh perfectly with your unique needs and skating style. And that’s where we come in.

At Riedell, our team takes pride in providing roller skaters of every specialty and skill level with the resources and support they need to excel. For over 70 years, we’ve been leveraging the finest components and designs in the industry to develop women's roller skates that offer unparalleled results for our customers. Whether you need a fast, resilient pair of derby skates to cut through any defensive line or just want a comfy pair of high-quality recreational skates to glide around in, Riedell has you covered.

Finding Your Ideal Roller Skate

Many new roller skaters are surprised when they realize just how customizable skates can be. Almost every facet of a roller skate—including its boot, plate, cushions, wheels, and bearings—can be built to suit the specific skating style, preferences, and limitations of its wearer. For athletes who are new to the world of skating and haven’t figured out exactly which components fit them best yet, we recommend roller skate sets. These comprehensive offerings come complete with all the parts you’ll need to start skating. Best of all, Riedell offers sets for almost every type of skating imaginable, allowing you to find a fantastic product regardless of your skating style.

Here’s a brief rundown of the different skate set variants we offer:

Rink and Speed Roller Skates

Rink & Speed Skates

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to our women's rink and speed skate sets. These products pair low-cut designs that enable fantastic ankle flexibility with wheels and bearings that optimize acceleration and speed, leaving competitors in the dust.

Rolle Derby skates

Roller Derby Skates

Because Riedell developed some of the first derby skates, we have extensive experience building skates that help derby athletes thrive. Our derby skate sets feature form-fitting boot designs, resilient plates, and state-of-the-art wheels to ensure maximum speed, flexibility, and control. We’ve also outfitted our derby skates with hardy leather toe caps to stop abrasion in its tracks.

Rhythm Roller Skates

Rhythm Skates

Rhythm skating necessitates highly flexible and maneuverable equipment to keep up with all of its slides, dances, and shuffle skating routines. That’s why our women's rhythm skate sets make use of high-top boot designs, quality dance plugs, and wheels that offer unbeatable performance and responsiveness. 

Outdoor Roller Skates

Outdoor Roller Skates

Outdoor skating can take place in a variety of harsh environments, which is why our women's outdoor skate sets emphasize durability and safety above all else. These products feature highly durable high-top boots, tough plates, and sturdy wheels to keep wearers rolling smoothly regardless of what’s beneath them.

Artistic skates

Artistic Roller Skates

Artistic skating encompasses a wide range of disciplines (including precision skating, pairs skating, and solo dance), and many of these art forms involve demanding jumps and landings. In light of that fact, Riedell’s artistic skate sets for women feature comfortable high-top boots, impact-resistant plates, and smooth, hardy wheels to boost mobility, durability, and control.

Jam Skates

Jam Roller Skates

Jam skating is an advanced art form that’s brimming with complex skating maneuvers and dance routines. To account for these demanding moves, our women's jam skate sets utilize lightweight materials, low-cut boot designs, dance plugs, and advanced ceramic bearings, granting wearers full freedom of movement and an unbeatable level of comfort. 

Designing Your Own Roller Skate

As roller skaters gain experience and confidence, they become more selective about exactly which boots, wheels, and other components they’ll skate with. These athletes tend to forgo pre-made sets in favor of building their own unique skates. Skaters might even feel compelled to play with the aesthetic of their skates, making equipment that reflects their unique style and personality. Thanks to our huge selection of boots, plates, wheels, bearings, and accessories for women's roller skates, Riedell can help you create a skate that beautifully matches your performance needs and preferences. Additionally, our ColorLab® enables you to further customize your skates through a host of leather, suede leather, and metallic leather colors, creating a look that’s uniquely yours. Here’s a little more information on each of these customization aspects.

Roller Skate Boots

Roller skate boots play an important part in ensuring proper fit and comfort for roller skaters. These boots come in two different top lengths: high top and low cut. High Top skate boots are taller and offer superior ankle support, making them a great choice for rhythm, artistic and outdoor skating. Low Cut skate boots are shorter, allowing the ankle to move more freely and making them an excellent option for jam skating, speed skating and roller derby. For more information on the different boots at your disposal, be sure to check out our Roller Skate Boot page.

Roller Skate Plates

A roller skate’s plate acts as the frame that its boot rests on. These plates can be built with aluminum or composite materials and feature different designs that affect performance and ease of use. For example, Riedell’s PowerDyne plates offer outstanding stability, clamping power, and durability. Our PowerDyne plates are lighter, stronger, more resilient, and more efficient than any other plates in existence, guaranteeing excellent results across each skating specialty.

Roller Skate Wheels

The wheels of a roller skate can vary drastically in hardness and size depending on the style of skating they’re designed for. For example, outdoor skate wheels range from 78A to 80A in hardness, 57-65mm in height and 65-70mm in size. These soft, large wheels have excellent cushioning and versatility, allowing outdoor skaters to glide effortlessly over a range of skating surfaces. The specific brand of wheel you invest in can also heavily influence the quality of your roller skates. That’s why Riedell offers Radar and Sonar wheels. Radar Wheels leverage the best urethane formulas in the industry, offering unbeatable performance. Sonar Wheels combine solid performance with a budget-friendly price.

Roller Skate Bearings

Bearings enable roller skates to spin and turn on the axles of their wheels. Believe it or not, these small components play a huge part in how quickly your skates accelerate and how smoothly they handle. Consequently, it’s critical to select skate bearings that consistently deliver a fast, long roll, especially if you’re building skates for derby, speed skating or other competitive skating styles. To guarantee longevity and outstanding performance for our skates, Riedell manufactures KwiK bearings. These hardy products pair a ceramic Titanium Nitride coating with the advanced characteristics of ceramic balls, fostering enhanced durability and optimizing maximum roll.

Rolle Skate Accessories

Our top-quality roller skate accessories include footbed kits, laces, plate cushions, toe stops, and more. These products enable even greater customization of both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that your skating equipment delivers extraordinary results. Riedell also offers a targeted selection of skate protection items, keeping you and your equipment in great condition.

Riedell ColorLab

For qualifying boots, Riedell’s ColorLab® empowers you to create the roller skates you’ve always dreamed of owning. ColorLab® allows you to color each panel or section of your skate boot with one of over 35 striking, unique colors. Through our interactive tool, you can quickly and easily pick out exactly which parts of your skates you want to alter. After that, all you have to do is contact your local Riedell dealer to order your new, fully customized skates! Learn more about our ColorLab® here.

Discover Your Perfect Skates With Riedell Roller

Be sure to call or message us if you have any other questions about our diverse assortment of roller skates for women. Our team is ready and willing to offer any other resources or support you need to obtain the best set of roller skates for your skating needs and goals!

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