Riedell Solaris - The Comfort You Demand. The Performance You've Been Missing.

Solaris - The Performance You Demand. The Comfort You've Been Missing.


About the Riedell Solaris

The Solaris is an all-new quad skating boot from Riedell. It is the result of more than 3 years of research and development, and it introduces cutting-edge technology and design that will re-define performance and comfort standards for quad skating boots. Comfortable, lightweight and stylish, the Solaris is the most technolgically advanced quad roller skating boot we have ever produced.
3.5 – 12, Full & Half sizes available (split sizing available for an additional fee)

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 Click here to find an authorized Riedell retailer near you to try on or purchase the Solaris. See below for information regarding ColorLab for the Solaris and Available Solaris skate packages.

Solaris Features:

ContourFit C/AA Width
A snug AA width heel size eliminates lifting, while a C width ball accommodates both narrow and wide feet. The modern shape toe improves toe comfort. For more information see our ContourFit Infographic.
Riedell Solaris Dynamic Response Outsole 2-Piece System
Dynamic Response Outsole
One of the most definitive features of the Solaris is the Dynamic Response Outsole. The Dynamic Response Outsole is a two-piece system - the contoured polycarbonate midsole supports the natural shape of the foot and offers strength and rigidity. The rugged polyurethane outsole offers dampening and vibration reduction. The combination is a rigid, durable and very comfortable ride for the skater. To learn more about our Dynamic Response Outsole, click here.
Riedell Solaris V-Lock Strap
V-Lock Strap Ankle Closure
A revolutionary integrated heel strap designed to pull the boot securely down and around the natural shape of your heel. Made from high-tensile polyester webbing, the V-Lock strap is positioned low to definitively lock the heel in place, preventing heel movement and slippage.
Riedell Solaris Curved Padded Collar
Curved Padded Collar
The anatomically-shaped curved collar of the Solaris is made from supple, glove leather that cradles the ankle for maximum range of motion and comfort.
Riedell Solaris Strata Lining
Strata Microfiber Liner
Tight weave, antimicrobial perforated microfiber lining with moisture and odor resistant treatment. The sueded texture of the Strata liner helps to secure the foot inside the boot. 
Riedell Solaris Dual Density Foam Fox Tongue
Fox Tongue with Dual Density Foam Padding
Premium open cell foam topped with closed cell foam offers abundant comfort, durability, and protection from lace bite, while the two-slit Fox pattern on the outside securely locks the tongue to prevent any kind of tongue rotation or slippage.
Black Kango-Tan Full Grain Leather Uppers
The Solaris uses our premium, USA-sourced leather. It is completely unmatched industry-wide, offering superior fit, exceptional comfort and outstanding durability.
DC-7 Heat Moldable Reinforcements
All four quarters of the Solaris are lined with heat moldable counters to help with any hot spots or pressure points. You do not need to heat mold your Solaris boots if they are comfortable when snugly fit. However, if there is discomfort it is best to use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the area of discomfort on the boot, and use your fingers or handle of a small screwdriver to punch out the specific area. 
Solaris Waxed Laces
Waxed-infused laces hold firmly, do not stretch, and will not leave irritating sticky clumps of wax like standard coated laces.


Solaris and  

The Solaris is available for ColorLab™ for only an additional $160.00 ($199.00 CAN) to the price of the boot. You can order your dream ColorLab Solaris through any of our Authorized Dealers or directly through Riedell. Simply follow these steps to order your ColorLab Solaris boots: 
  1. Download and complete our Solaris ColorLab Order Form PDF
    • This PDF shows all the parts of the Solaris that you can color, the various leather colors that are available for each part, and lets you select logo, lace, and eyelet colors.
    • Be sure to have your Riedell size. If you are not sure what size Solaris you need, you should visit an Authorized Dealer to get properly sized, or you can use our Online Sizing Guide as a recommendation. 
  2. If ordering through an Authorized Dealer, provide the form (printed or electronic) to your dealer and complete your order through them.
  3. If ordering directly with Riedell, contact us at 800-698-6893 and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will walk you through the ordering process. You will be asked to email your completed Solaris ColorLab Order Form and provide your credit card information for payment.
The turnaround time for a pair of Solaris ColorLab boots is approximately 10-12 weeks. 
Riedell Solaris ColorLab Boots - Turquoise and Fuchsia

Riedell Solaris ColorLab Boot - Red Suede and Black

Riedell Solaris ColorLab Boots - Blue Suede and Teal Metallic


Solaris Skate Packages

Solaris Pro

Solaris Pro Skate Package
Boot: Solaris
Plate: PowerDyne Reactor Pro Series Aluminum
Wheels: Radar Halo (choice of hardness)
Bearings: KwiK Zenith
Toe Stop: PowerDyne Jupiter

Solaris Sport

Solaris Sport Skate Package
Boot: Solaris
Plate: PowerDyne Reactor Fuse Nylon
Wheels: Radar Aura (choice of hardness)
Bearings: KwiK Zenith
Toe Stop: PowerDyne Jupiter

How to Properly Engage the Solaris V-Lock Strap
How to Change Out the Solaris V-Lock Strap
Solaris Teaser Spot

Call 800-698-6893 for any questions regarding the Solaris. Call 800-698-6893 for any questions regarding the Solaris.