Riedell Dynamic Response Outsole

About the Dynamic Response Outsole

The Dynamic Response Outsole is a state-of-the-art, two-piece outsole/midsole system.  The inner piece, or the midsole, is made from polycarbonate and offers strength, rigidity and durability.  The Dynamic Response Outsole is made from polyurethane and offers dampening.  The rigidity and strength offer great response, while the dampening property makes it very comfortable to skate.
The polycarbonate midsole is designed and manufactured specifically for our lasts, giving it contours not found in flat carbon fiber or fiberglass quad skating boots.  These contours hug and support the natural contours of the foot.  By contrast, carbon fiber and fiberglass shells of quad skating boots are typically made by bonding flat layers of the material to each other, resulting in a flat footbed that does not support the natural shape and contours of the foot.  This can cause pain, numbness, cramping and decreased performance.
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What is the Dynamic Response Outsole made from?
The outsole is made from polyurethane.  The midsole is made from polycarbonate.
What is the benefit of the Dynamic Response Outsole?
The polyurethane outsole provides dampening, which helps reduce high frequency vibration that occurs while skating.  The polycarbonate midsole is stiff, rigid, lightweight and contoured to the natural shape of the foot.  This results in a lighter, more comfortable and stronger boot that responds quicker to movements from the skater.
What are the advantages of the Dynamic Response Outsole compared to carbon fiber?
The two-piece outsole/midsole system of the Dynamic Response Outsole offers rigidity comparable to carbon fiber while also offering better contouring of the footbed for vastly superior comfort.  Carbon fiber boots lack dampening properties, transferring vibration from the skating surface directly to the foot.
How will plates mount to the Dynamic Response Outsole?
For those who do plate mounting on quad skating boots, the Dynamic Response Outsole is far less fragile than carbon fiber.  Our polyurethane and polycarbonate materials drill easily, offering secure and user-friendly mounting points.
Is the Dynamic Response Outsole heavier than carbon fiber?
In our weight comparisons, we have found the Dynamic Response Outsole to be within a fraction of an ounce of a similarly sized carbon fiber outsole.  Total boot weight is a combination of the outsole, midsole, liner and boot upper.  While reducing the quality and durability of the upper and lining materials can save weight, we source premium upper and lining materials that are designed to provide the skater with extremely high levels of comfort, performance and durability.